USA: Philadelphia Free School

Dear Minister of Education Spaenle:


Greetings from the Philly Free School in Philadelphia, PA (USA). 


We are part of an international community of schools that operate under the same philosophical and pedagogical principles, which includes the Sudbury Schule Ammersee. When we learned about the closing of Sudbury Schule Ammersee, we decided to write to urge you to reopen the school. 


Attached you will find a picture of some of the members of our community who stand in solidarity with the Sudbury Schule Ammersee. 


You will also find a link to the graduation thesis written by one of our students (now alumni). We hope that this document begins to give you a more substantial sense of the kinds of powerful learning in which students engage at schools like ours.


Please consider these materials with the dossier of similar items being sent from like-minded schools around the world. 


We invite you to contact us with any questions you might have about this model of education. We would be most happy to engage with you on this topic.


We strongly urge you to reopen the Sudbury Schule Ammersee to enable more young people to learn in a free, democratic environment.




Michelle Loucas

School Meeting Secretary

On behalf of the School Meeting of the Philadelphia Free School