South Africa: Je'anna Clements Letter to Dr. Spänle

Sudbury Schule Ammersee
Good Day, Dr. Ludwig Spänle

I write to you from South Africa - the news of Germany's distressing actions with regard to this school is of global concern.

We are - globally - at a point in our history when new kinds of education are needed in order to prepare children for a future that is very different from the world of the past.

I sympathise with your decision to close this school - I guess you have the best interests of the children at heart, and it must seem a strange idea to you that children can learn in such a place.

However, I encourage you to act on facts, not opinions, not even your own.

As a learned man, I am sure you understand that things are not always what they seem. Sudbury schools deliver an absolutely excellent education - but it looks completely different to old-fashioned schools.

Let us consider content, and process.

Old-fashioned schools focus on content - learning facts - but these days every person carries an encyclopedia in their pocket!

The schools we need today. focus on process: making sure children learn how to learn on their own responsibility, since they will have to deal with careers and technology that will change again and again faster than any of us can imagine. They need learning that is content-flexible, even content-independent.

Please find out more about this before making the terrible mistake of closing down the excellent, merely because you are only accustomed to the mediocre.

This is the kind of school that can help your country stay at the forefront of innovation and excellence, instead of becoming just another place full of obedient consumerist mediocrity.

With warm wishes, and thanks for your sincerity
Je'anna Clements